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Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

Art.Nr.: 9781592293711
Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

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Hersteller: Galileo Press
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Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis

Become an expert on SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis for Microsoft Office (formerly known as Pioneer) and be the go-to person when it comes to installing, deploying, and using this software. Explore how Advanced Analysis greatly reduces the need for specialized design work, but allows users to make simple design and UI changes with ease, elegant visualization control, and personalization features. Additionally, this book provides targeted guidance on installation, deployment, and data connectivity. The author helps you familiarize yourself with both basic and advanced usage scenarios as you learn to customize the software to benefit your business the most. This unique book also delivers a side-by-side comparison of Advanced Analysis Office with SAP BEx Analyzer, which will prove to be invaluable as Advanced Analysis is positioned to replace the BEx tools. An additional section outlines the main topics in the SAP BI roadmap for the Advanced Analysis Office version and the Web version, and also touches upon migration. Whether you are a consultant, IT manager, business analyst, or a key user, you will find this book to be an indispensable companion in your daily work with the software.
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Aktueller Artikel Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis Inside SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Analysis
Art.Nr.: 9781592293711  
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